We staff our projects with senior personnel staff with the experience to anticipate problems early and the wisdom to lead the project team towards a positive outcome. The hallmark of our organization is hiring the best and the brightest. Our staff has worked in nearly every state across the country and within numerous municipalities, including the District of Columbia. We feature LEED® accredited professionals, and our employees have past successful careers as general contractors, architects, construction administrators, designers, property managers, developers and owner’s representatives. 



We maintain a database of project costs for each project we work on. This allows us to validate contractor pricing on a unit basis and a square foot basis. We are able confirm pricing received by contractors is fair and reasonable by comparing it to our current data base of costs, in house quantity take-offs of projects and utilization of our deep pool of resources in the market. On average, we have negotiated a 30% discount on the value of submitted change orders over the past five years.


 Establishing a well-planned and accurate schedule is among the first things we do for each project. We make sure that the impact of all critical path activities are coordinated and accounted for. Once the schedule is established, we actively manage each of the activities. We are not content to compare the progress of the project versus the schedule. We proactively address upcoming activities, reinforcing the commitments of the project team and ensuring that delivery dates are met. 


 Regardless of how well planned a project is, there will be issues that arise. In many instances, the success of a project is determined by how well a project team manages unanticipated issues. Our approach is to quickly analyze the situation, research the possible solutions and present our clients with the pros and cons of various approaches. We arm our clients with accurate and timely information to allow them to make quick and educated decisions.